Chris Brown Asked For 'Dick Pics' Immediately After Launching OnlyFans Page

HipHop News Publicado en noviembre 12, 2020 a 1:06

Chris Brown Asked For 'Dick Pics' Immediately After Launching OnlyFans Page

The thirst is real out there.

OnlyFans has become a pop culture phenomenon in recent months, especially after Beyoncé name dropped the online subscription service on Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage (Remix)” in April. As an increasingly large number of celebrities continue to join the movement, its popularity has only exploded.

Now, Chris Brown apparently wants part of the action. On Wednesday (November 11), the 31-year-old singer announced he’d joined the platform in a Twitter post. The tweet included a pair of eyeball emojis and a link to his account. Almost immediately, fans wanted to know if he’d be sharing any “dick pics” on his page like Tyga did when he launched his OnlyFans page last month..centered-ad {

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— Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) November 12, 2020

Upon exploration, Brown’s OnlyFans subscription runs $20 a month and so far has two posts. One of the posts, which a fan posted on Twitter, is simply a photo of Brown standing against a wall with his hand on his crotch. The caption reads, “We n this bitchhh.”

— LilDaddy 😏 (@xxsuckmyblah) November 12, 2020

Brown hasn’t detailed what type of content will be included in the subscription, but it’s clear most of his female fans are only interested in one thing.


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