Conway The Machine & Jim Jones Set To Have ‘Top Rapper Of 2021’ Battle

HipHop News Publicado en junio 23, 2021 a 8:06

Conway The Machine & Jim Jones Set To Have ‘Top Rapper Of 2021’ Battle

Jim Jones wasn’t too happy with his position at No. 10 on B. Dot’s list so he issued the challenge.

After going back and forth over who’s the best rapper of 2021, Jim Jones and Conway The Machine are going to face each other to determine who claims the title. 

On June 18, Jim Jones paid a visit to Brian “B. Dot” Miller on Complex where he spoke about the “Top 10 Rappers of 2021” list the RapRadar Podcast host put out earlier this month. Capo gave The Machine his credit but said there’s no competition as the Harlem native believes he’s the better rapper. 

Conway saw the clip and reposted it on Instagram with a caption saying Jones couldn’t match up with him in a real rap battle.

“I’m minding my business tryna enjoy my 2 Michelin star dinner right now but fuck it I got a little time on my hands,” Conway wrote. “Stop playin wit me edition @bdottm @complex u already KNOW capo can’t fuck wit me… @jimjonescapo let me hear something king.”


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Jones then hopped in the comment section asking Conway which decade in his expansive career does he want him to touch in their battle. 

“Wht decade u want me start th 90s 2000 2010 or 2010 to 2021 I’m ready,” Jones wrote. 

“2015 to 2021 the Griselda era…. We Waitin,” Conway replied back. 

Conway vs Jim Jones. Who’s winning?

— DatPiff (@DatPiff) June 22, 2021

The showdown trickled over to Twitter when B. Dot tweeted Conway’s Instagram post and took the battle to the next level. Instead of having the two rappers play their own songs, B. Dot insisted they rap over new beats. 

“Looks like @WHOISCONWAY is ready,” he wrote. “We need a producer. @Boi1da send ova a pack!” 

The Grammy Award-winning producer heard the call and responded with a gif showing his excitement with the upcoming battle.

— Boi-1da (@Boi1da) June 22, 2021

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