DaBaby Denies His Self-Proclaimed Lookalike

HipHop News Publicado en agosto 14, 2020 a 8:59

DaBaby Denies His Self-Proclaimed Lookalike

The Interscope Records rapper shut down a fan's claims about a striking resemblance between the two.

DaBaby didn’t approve of a fan’s lookalike claims via Twitter yet had a few kind words for the guy. The “ROCKSTAR” creator retweeted a Twitter user’s post about resembling him and dismissed the notion on Friday (August 14).

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DaBaby responded, “Boy hell nah. I fuck witcha tho.”

Boy hell nah. I fuck witcha tho 🤜🏾🤛🏾 https://t.co/SLd2Bj8AeP

— DaBaby (@DaBabyDaBaby) August 14, 2020

While DaBaby’s reaction was lighthearted and amused his Twitter followers, his recent endorsement of Kanye West’s presidential run wasn’t well received. The Interscope Records artist faced backlash for saying, “You got me fucked up you think I ain’t voting for Ye,” on Wednesday (August 12).

Fans called him out for backing Yeezy, who’s running a Joe Biden spoiler campaign to aid Donald Trump’s reelection efforts. Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg even told DaBaby, “Congratulations you played yourself.”


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