G Herbo Accused By Instagram Influencer Omi In A Hellcat Of Snitching To Help Fraud Case

HipHop News Publicado en diciembre 22, 2020 a 10:59

G Herbo Accused By Instagram Influencer Omi In A Hellcat Of Snitching To Help Fraud Case

The Instagram influencer and former Herbo associate claims he snitched over a girl.

G Herbo is facing federal fraud charges after his alleged involvement in a $1.5 million fraud scheme based in Boston. Instagram influencer Omi In A Hellcat says the FBI raided his home, seized his possessions and hit him with tax evasion charges, but he’s blaming Herbo for snitching on him and he believes it’s over a girl they both were sleeping with.

“@NoLimitHerbo oh you throwing me under the bus cause me and u was fucking with the same shawty damn I get it,” he posted to his Instagram Story. “SMH this new generation ain’t thurl. Fight your case without mentioning me and I’ll do the same bro.”.centered-ad {

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He continued, “This really got more to do about a girl. Keep it real G. I never mentioned you. Never pillow talked on you, ask her. If anything, I told her you was solid. Key word, ‘Was.’ This is as far as Ima take it. I wish you luck on your upcoming case.”

@gherbo called out by Omi In A Hellcat for snitching via @thejasminebrand pic.twitter.com/pFFpjbb2NN

— Jets Blew The Tank (@LordTreeSap) December 23, 2020

Hellcat, born Bill Omar Carrasquillo, had his Woolrich Township, New Jersey mansion raided in November and claims the feds seized all of his electronics and luxuries such as his fleet of nearly 30 cars. The 33-year-old says all his money is legit and was made through being a landlord and owning a construction


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