How Baby Keem Earned Respect From His Cousin Kendrick Lamar

HipHop News Publicado en octubre 19, 2020 a 6:07

How Baby Keem Earned Respect From His Cousin Kendrick Lamar

"You remind me of how we used to be."

Kendrick Lamar is grooming his cousin Baby Keem to be next in the long line of celebrated rappers but under the pgLang umbrella, the Grammy Award-winning MC’s company with longtime manager Dave Free.

During a recent interview for i-D Magazine, K. Dot conversed with Keem about his blossoming career and, in the process, explained how the 20-year-old artist gained his respect. But it was a bumpy road to get there. Keem admits he’d already “mentally checked out” from high school and was struggling to keep up with his grades — but Kendrick insisted he graduate..centered-ad {

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“Your auntie calling me asking what’s going on?” he tells Keem. “This n-gga missing all types of days from school! Letters were getting sent to the house. I’m like ‘Ah fuck, this n-gga been out here.’ N-gga, I felt some type of accountability! You were talented as hell, but you had to graduate. So it was about finding that middle ground, but that shit worked out.”

He added, “I think that’s one thing that me and Dave Free really respect about you, you’re determined and driven. You remind me of how we used to be.”

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Kendrick then asked what a day-in-the-life looked like for Keem, noting fans probably want to know considering he is


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