Latto Dragged For Her 'Sexually Liberated Woman' Child Interview Comments

HipHop News Publicado en septiembre 30, 2022 a 2:56

Latto Dragged For Her 'Sexually Liberated Woman' Child Interview Comments

The Atlanta rap star held nothing back as she described her personal style to the little girl.

Latto has ruffled some feathers after responding to a young social media star’s fashion question with what some have deemed an inappropriate answer.

Footage of an encounter between the rapper and Taylen Biggs surfaced online on Thursday (September 29), which sees Latto get approached by the girl to asnwer some questions.


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Biggs asks the 777 rapper how she would describe her “personal style,” and Latto’s answer might have been a little too salacious for a child. “I think I’m authentic, I think I give a modern sexually liberated woman,” Latto said. “You’ll learn about that later.”

The young journalist clearly had no clue what Latto was talking about as she said “ok” and moved on to the next question. Once the clip made its round on social media, the Latto criticisms began.

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Many felt Latto’s answer was very inappropriate and let it be known, such as Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Hazel-E who said she’s going to have to check the Atlanta rapper for her carelessness.

According to Hazel, labels need to work harder on artist development, bringing up how she allegedly trained pop sensation Lady Gaga for the red carpet back in the day.

“You gotta know what is appropriate for what audience,” Hazel wrote. “Bring back artist development! I use to teach it when I was a publicist for Insterscope. I remember the first time I trained Gaga for the red carpet…and read the room.”


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The criticisms didn’t stop there,



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