Noah ’40’ Shebib Says Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boy’ Is Locked & Loaded

HipHop News Publicado en octubre 16, 2020 a 10:38

Noah ’40’ Shebib Says Drake’s ‘Certified Lover Boy’ Is Locked & Loaded

The OVO producer revealed the album is done during an interview on Kevin Durant's podcast.

Drake‘s new album is ready to drop at any minute – it’s just a matter of when he feels like it.

Drizzy’s in-house producer Noah ’40’ Shebib appeared on the second episode of Kevin Durant’s new podcast The ETCS on Thursday (October 15), and gave some insight on the current status of Certified Lover Boy. According to 40, the album’s ready to go as is, but more work can always be done. .centered-ad {

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“He’s always got it,” 40 began. “He had it eight months ago. He had it six months ago, three months ago, ten months ago! He’s always got it. Now does that mean he’s done? I don’t know, shit. He might make 10 songs next week. I don’t know, right? But he’s got it. But when you going to pull the trigger? I don’t know when you’re going to pull the trigger. He’s going to pull the trigger when he wants to pull it, but he’s got it.”

He continued on and gave his longtime friend props, noting that whenever Drake does decide to make that move, the whole music industry will get behind him.


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