The Best R&B Songs of 2021 ...(so far)

HipHop News Publicado en febrero 27, 2021 a 4:22

The Best R&B Songs of 2021 ...(so far)

Featuring the latest greatest from H.E.R., Bryson Tiller, Lucky Daye and more!

2020 felt like a decade due to all of the chaos happening in the world, but the one consistency was the amount of good music that dropped. Artists have been relatively quiet to start off the new year, but there are still plenty of quality singles for fans to enjoy. February brought new music from H.E.R., Brent Faiyaz,  Bryson Tiller and more. 

Every month, HipHopDX puts a spotlight on the tracks that stand out from the overabundance of releases throughout the year, highlighting everything from Billboard chart-friendly singles to essential album cuts. Check back at the beginning of every month for updates and check out our other lists and our playlist below, which includes all of the songs mentioned in this article and more:

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Editor’s note: songs from this list were released between Dec. 1, 2020 – Feb. 28, 2021.


The Top R&B Songs of 2021 (December – January)

Contributing writers: Trent Clark, Kyle Eustice, Josh Svetz, Dana Scott, Brandon Caldwell, David Brake, Kenan Draughorne, Devon Jefferson & Jeremy Hecht.

“Caution” Kaytranada

A beat from KAYTRANADA is not simply a platform for artists to rap over. Each track is an expansive world, built carefully and intentionally from smaller components. A snare hit here, a slightly distorted synth note there. The Canadian producer approaches his work like a painter with a fine brush, filling the canvas with blended notes. “Caution,” the latest single from the 28-year-old instrumentalist is lush and off-kilter. The influence of famed Detroit producer J Dilla is apparent throughout the song, though it’s also ripe with motifs from Afrobeats and even the digital sounds of House music. While KAYTRANADA has produced excellent tracks for rappers including Vic Mensa, S


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