Travis Scott Deletes His Instagram Right After Fans Clown His Batman Costume

HipHop News Publicado en noviembre 1, 2020 a 3:30

Travis Scott Deletes His Instagram Right After Fans Clown His Batman Costume

Or could he have new music on the way?

Travis Scott has evidently deactivated his Instagram account and many suspect it had to do with the reaction he got to his Halloween costume.

The Astroworld mastermind transformed from Bruce Wayne to Batman on Saturday night (October 31) and got clowned for his interpretation of the famous character. Due to the brown color of his suit, some compared Scott to a cockroach — not the celebrated superhero who saves Gotham City from The Joker..centered-ad {

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I’m still howling at this costume. Travis Scott really looks like a roach from a Raid commercial

— Dad (@RealBisi) November 1, 2020

But while Twitter exploded with reactions to the Instagram disappearing act, some speculated the move actually means new music is coming from him. Scott’s last solo offering, the aforementioned Astroworld, arrived in 2018 and he’s expected to drop a follow-up called Utopia sometime in the near future.


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Scott’s most recent single, the “Franchise (Remix)” featuring Young Thug and M.I.A., arrived last month and could indicate more is on the way. Whatever the case, Twitter couldn’t help itself from chiming in.

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