Welcome to Triquestrian!

Triquestrian's mission is to provide an opportunity for growth and learning through the power of horses to the community.  We believe horses have the ability to help us experience and explore life from a unique perspective creating opportunities for growing, learning, and healing.  

Come, join us and experience the power of the herd!

What are Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning?

Not all therapy using horses involves riding. Unlike therapeutic riding, EAGALA instead focuses on experiential, ground-based activities.

The EAGALA treatment team works with the client in creative horse-centered activities designed to address specific treatment goals, producing spectacular results typically more quickly than traditional office based therapy.

Often during a session, the horse or experience can initiate an “Aha” moment that impacts that client’s way of thinking or behaving. After the session, the client takes away key experiences and can begin to make lifelong changes.

Why use horses to assist with psychotherapy and learning?

Horses have an innate ability to mirror emotion and provide an opportunity for us to change our behavior and see an immediate response.

Horses also create a unique environment for learning and growth. Our Equine Assisted Learning program focuses on Team Building, Leadership, and Communication Skills.

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